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Freeze the fried eggplant, stuffed and in the oven

Freeze the eggplant is a no-brainer, it is important, however, to follow some rules that help to not make mistakes that could cause us to lose all the work done. The eggplant in this period are one of the vegetables most sold and cooked. Fried, baked, grilled or padded, a dish so fantastic that it goes...

Pasta alla Norma, the recipe is easy and delicious

The pasta with the Norm can be done in various ways, each has its own recipe, is there anyone who uses fresh tomatoes, and those tomatoes, those who fry the eggplant and aubergine slices to get a real timbale. The pasta alla norma, you can also complete it in the oven with mozzarella or other cheese,...


How to bake the eggplant, then freeze it for the winter

A friend has given of the eggplants harvested directly from the family's vegetable garden and do not know how to dispose of them all? Are delicious and precious and not to be wasted, don't worry, there are lots of ways to cook the eggplant and, above all, to keep them good for the winter. We start from...