Edoardo vianello

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In the Italian Stories back to Elfrida, the wife of Edoardo Vianello says but not says (Photos)

Continue with the presence of Elfrida today in the Italian Stories the debate in the house Vianello, that the controversy raised by Wilma Goich against Edoardo Vianello and his new wife (photos). Maybe someone throws the pieta and hides the hand, perhaps all, perhaps none but Elfrida, who now is back...

Edoardo Vianello to Come from me, remembers the pie in the face to Antonella Clerici, have made peace after years (Photos)

Remember all of the reality tv show The restaurant, led by Antonella Clerici, it was 2005, maybe there escapes but remember the pie in the face that took the presenter? (Photo). He has spoken of today, Edoardo Vianello, a guest to Come to me. To tirargliela live in the studio of the program was the wife...