Early retirement

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Pensions latest news 2020: the exit window to leave the job with an altitude of 100 and not only

Let's see what are the latest news on pensions for the 2020, going to find out all the "exit windows" for leaving the job with an altitude of 100 and not only. In fact, every category of workers, on the basis of the type of retirement, you must wait a more or less long period before you can get the cheque...

Pensions latest news Law Budget 2020: all possibilities to leave the job

Pensions the latest news, the text of the Budget Law 2020 was sent to the Senate: what are the possibilities for leaving the job? This is what you are asking older workers, who think the ability to retire starting next year. But between the political debates and not on the pension you are likely to make...


Early retirement the latest news, you have to wait three months to let it work

The board of the anticipated 2019 allows you to leave the work to the achievement of a certain number of years of contributions. This happens regardless of the age in which such a contribution is gained. To be able to actually go into the pension once you have met the requirements, you have to wait three...