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Luino, Pellicini, “Piazza Garibaldi in the dark? One million euros to redevelop the main streets”

The reporting of the activist luino area of the 5 Star Movement, Gianfranco Cyprian, on the present situation in the evening and at night in piazza Garibaldi, one of the central areas of the country on the lake, has aroused particular attention among the community luino area. If the lakefront, for the...

In Luino council river: discussion on the budget, but the clash is on social expenditure

The budget, in the activity of the administration of the municipalities, is the theme more warm and, the the town meeting of yesterday in Luino was the confirmation. More than four hours of debate, approvals, and discussions, which have been the protagonists of several times the majority and the minority....


Great Britain: get the ok from the northern irish, the minority government led by the May

(ANSA) AND’ the state reached an agreement in principle between the conservatives and unionists in northern ireland the Dup, in the view of a minority government led by Theresa May. This was confirmed by a spokesman of Downing Street, quoted by the british media. Great Britain: get the ok from the northern...