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In customs on a tourist bus, without luggage, are 80 ovules of cocaine in the body. Arrested 29-year-old

In the past few days, the military of the Guardia di Finanza Ponte Chiasso, in collaboration with customs officials, during the daily checks to be carried out at the crossing of the Como – Brogeda, in the entrance in the Italian territory, have discovered aboard a tourist bus, a suitcase abandoned, with...

Lombardy, explore the old: “In the field to combat the phenomenon of new drugs and psychoactive substances”

In the course of the conference organized at the San Carlo hospital of Milan, entitled “Addiction: the art of knowledge and of speed”, this morning you spoke the councillor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio explore the old. “The fight against addiction, prevention, the study of the use of psychoactive...