Drinking water

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Problems with the supply of drinking water in the houses, the drought also affects Cremenaga

As happened recently to Rancio Valcuvia and Cuvio, also Cremenaga is now struggling with some discomfort about the provision of drinking water. At the base of the problem, as specified by a notice published on the website of the Municipality by the administration, “a strong and anomalous drought” that...


Alfa Srl, Five-Star hotel concerned and critical to the future of the service

Unite the north and the south of the province on the theme of water is the objective with which Paul Mazzucchelli, the new president of the Alfa srl (single manager of the integrated water service, editor's note) was unveiled last week at the shareholders ' meeting, noting the place of Celestino Cerana...

Cadero: “pact of steel” between the mayors Flounder, Ielmini and Bridges for the future of the territory

A meeting that involved three mayors of the territory: Fabio Passera, mayor of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, Hercules Ielmini of Laveno Mombello and the ticino Titian Bridges of Gambarogno. On the table many issues including transport, security, the navigation of the lake, the frontier, the culture,...