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In the Cellar of the Star Wars Galaxy Edge might... ubriacarci

An update posted on the official blog of Disney Parks has revealed the arrival of the Cellar of Oga in the Star Wars Galaxy Edge, the thematic area entirely dedicated to the Star Wars universe that will open in 2019 at the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort. Star Wars Galaxy Edge gives...


4 smoothie to do in the spring

With the arrival of spring, we can't think of the smoothie. With the temperature rise, the ideal is to rely on these drinks, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs of the season. The month of April is a great time to experiment with these, smoothie. The body must prepare for the strong rays of the sun. Therefore,...

All crazy for the Bubble Tea, the drink of the moment

It's time for the Bubble Tea. This is a drink that originated in Taiwan but has a little bit of time has literally depopulated in the various districts of China Town in the world. The Bubble Tea is presented in a tall glass and is a mix of tea, milk and balls of tapioca. In Asia it has spread to the...