Donatella rettore

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Donatella Rector said that in 2009 took the Sars, the doctor understood it immediately

In 2009, it was the Sars to fear, the same fear that we all have for the Coronavirus, but Donatella Rettore was infected, even if he never understood it in that way. The magazine Today has released an interview in which he continues to repeat that not reduces, its energy remains the same as always even...


Donatella Rettore in the hospital, but there's no news, only the embrace of Mauro Coruzzi

Words and embrace of Mauro Coruzzi addressed to Donatella Rettore that are bothering the fans, and not just the singer. Donatella Rettore would be in the hospital, it seems that they are not well and who has followed in his last weeks knows that he is fighting against breast cancer. Mauro Coruzzi, Platinette,...

Donatella Milani, Come to me: does not know who is his real father and tells the story of her pain (Photo)

Donatella Milani guest to Come to me in the episode today told for the first time Caterina Balivo that does not know who is his father, but that's not all (photo). The Milani has never spoken, never revealed that in reality does not know who is his real father, but she feels she can be open with the...