Donald Tusk

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Brussels, via free to the guidelines for the negotiation of the Brexit from the Eu summit

“A political mandate of the 27 strong and fair is ready for the discussions on the Brexit”, said the president of the european Council Donald Tusk. “The challenge is not only to manage good negotiations with the United Kingdom, but to raise the unit”. Brussels, via free to the guidelines for the negotiation...

Brexit, Tusk: “the Negotiations are complicated on free trade, but no punitive prohibition”

The Eu is ready to talk with Great Britain, of a future free trade agreement before the two parties agree on the final terms of the Brexit. You can read it in the guidelines of the Europe for negotiations presented today in Brussels. Brexit, Tusk: “the Negotiations are complicated, but no approach to...


The European union: “Sanctions on member States that do not ricollocano migrants”

Continue to hold the bank, the theme of migrants in Brussels and, today, to intervene, directly with the warning of the Eu Commission and the president Junker. “We must give protection to those who need it, but we also need to repatriate those who do not have the right to remain in the Eu, in full respect...