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The protagonists of the week the NBA: the Nba see the light, the Rockets are groping in the dark

Who would have ever thought that the Celtics would be raised so quickly. The third place in the Eastern Conference, with a record of 32 wins and 23 losses, which is a result at the time outstanding. And the best seems to still have to arrive, considering that in the next Draft, Boston will have the choice...


The protagonists of the week the NBA: Davis and the Pelicans floundering, Jordan, and the Clippers regain share

Anthony Davis and DeAndre Jordan are two of the big man more dominant in the landscape of the NBA. One would have to be in the launch ramp to a new season from the absolute leader of the Pelicans, and possibly the best player in the League, while the other would have to be one of the many protagonists...

Los Angeles Clippers: all the difficulties to be a contender!

Golden State and San Antonio are digging a rut so deep that, to date, it seems impossible that it can be filled by other big West, blocked all, more or less, to the results and performance erratic. Among these nobles in difficulty fall definitely) and the Los Angeles Clippers, the data among the favorites...