Disney Princesses

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The 10 must-Funko Pop Disney princess

In so many, from little girls, we always dreamed of becoming a princess, with or without the prince since the presence of a male counterpart certainly has never affected the desire to become one in the most celebrated protagonists of the tales. Above all, thanks to Disney Princesses, it was easy to identify...


Do not call them only princesses: here are the heroines of the Disney armed to the teeth

Forget the puffed sleeves, the fluffy skirts “meringue” style, the long eyelashes that frame looks dreamy and bright and, in general, the appearance by favor of china because now the Disney princesses are strong and far from delicate, while maintaining their undisputed and fantastic femininity. We admire...

Ralph smashes the internet – wreck-it Ralph 2: online the new trailer with the Disney princesses!

As anticipated in recent days by some of the images spread on the web, has landed online the new trailer for Ralph smashes the internet – wreck-it Ralph 2, the awaited sequel of the Disney animated film, which will see Ralph and Venellope to grips with the world of the Internet. The Disney Princesses...