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Gemma Galgani destroyed: the moving vent after the mourning

The massacre took place in the disco of Ancona has upset the lady from torino U&D Yesterday evening, and five other kids between the ages of 14 and 16 years and a mother who accompanied your daughter is dead, overwhelmed by the crowd during a general escape in a club in Ancona, the disco - “Lanterna...


Luino, in a brawl in the disco, and the reported bouncer, 29-year-old and a customer of 23 years

The Border Police of Luino, following an extensive investigation, has reported to the public Prosecutor of Varese, two young people of twenty-nine and twenty-three years. The first bouncer of a disco in the luino area, the second customer of the same. The facts took place in the night of 12 may, when...

Milan, the disco Old Fashion may close after the stabbing of Nicholas Bettarini

The club where took place the violent quarrel that has also involved Niccolo Bettarini may close. The well-known local Milan, according to the latest news, it may be closed because of the aggression against the son of Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini. The young man was hit with several stab wounds,...