Diletta leotta

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Monica Leofreddi against the cm of Diletta Leotta who do wrong to women (Photos)

In the Italian Stories you keep talking about the post Monica Leofreddi in which he criticized Diletta Leotta or rather his monologue, newport (photo). Another photo to show the before and after of Beloved, and it seems that now there is no doubt that it has resorted to cosmetic surgery. What is the...


Diletta Leotta and Gigi D'alessio together, dinner and the kiss and the fantasy fly, but the gossip is all laugh (Photos)

You talk about a gossip non-existent, but the photos and a title which relate to Gigi D'alessio and Diletta Leotta have unleashed the gossip (photo). It only took one photo published in the magazine about the gossip without substance has started to travel. A simple kiss after a dinner, a greeting, a...

Diletta Leotta beautiful in red on the set of his first movie with Serena Rossi (Photos)

Debut at the cinema for Diletta Leotta, who for the first time on a set, and here also conquer all (photos). Seven hours to make you fall in love, this is the film that sees between the characters in the cast also the Leotta. A set neapolitan, where the characters are Serena Rossi and Giampaolo Morelli,...