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Diet: the secret to ageing well in the brain

There is a specific diet so that the brain can grow old in good health. And’ what emerges from a research conducted by the University of Sydney, australia. The diet for the longevity of the brain The study has shown that diets low protein content, a high intake of carbohydrates have [...]The article...

Diet gluten: here's when it gets good

A poor diet is gluten free as long as it is full of fiber could help with our gut. And’ what emerges from a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen. The researchers in particular have studied how a diet gluten-free can have an effect on the microbiome of the intestine. Poor diet of gluten and...

Pasta: not only makes you fat also makes us happy

Pasta: it is not true, contrary to popular belief that it is a food that makes you fat. If consumed in the right way, in fact, not attentive to the line. On the occasion of the World Pasta Day October 25, endocrinologists will provide a series of tips to better enjoy this typical dish of the mediterranean...