Desirée Maldera

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Men and Women: the sensational, new recording and new tronista?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaToday, the choice of Paul Crivellin, but could also reach a tronista. Many people think of Francesco Chiofalo today, December 28, will be an important day in the Studies Elios in Rome. Resume in fact, after the short christmas break the records of Men and Women, in particular,...

Temptation Island 4 shock: one of the girlfriends is pregnant

Feed Released from KontroKulturaSensational scoop of Francesco Chiofalo. One of the girls of Temptation 4 wait, are suspicious of Francesca Francesco Chiofalo, the beloved protagonist of " Temptation Island 4, in his Instagram Story has denied a rapprochement with Desirée Maldera, the temptress of roman...


Temptation Island 2017, a news shock for a couple

Feed Released from KontroKulturaAfter the experience at Temptation Island 2017, it seemed that between Francesco Chiofalo, Wild and Rome is not that there could be more problems of coexistence: we are insulted, they wept, but they also found the strength to meet and go out together, promising themselves...