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Mattia Mingarelli: no sign of violence on the corpse

No violence on the body of Matthias Mingarelli (30 years old) disappeared in Valmalenco, a few weeks ago and found dead on the 24th of December. The story would think of an accident and excludes the hypothesis of murder. The autopsy on the body of Matthias was performed at the hospital of Sondrio. Mattia...

The different interventions of the fire brigade in the night, a man dies in a house engulfed in flames

Night of intense work, the fire department of the Province of Varese that are due to intervene in three homes because of fires and poisoning of carbon monoxide. If Castiglione is dead a man at Sesto Calende and remained poisoned four people. A tragedy occurred last night in Castiglione Olona, in the...