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Titans: Batman vs Robin in the trailer for the final season

Is joined online by a few hours, on the official channel YouTube of the DC Universe, the trailer for the final season of the Titans that promises to be an episode “Batman vs Robin“. The title of the last episode of this season will be “Dick Grayson” and will be transmitted the next 21 December, while...


Online the final trailer of the Titans!

The first episode premiered only a few hours ago during the New York Comic-con (finding that the consents general present), and, now, Titans is the show with the final trailer spread online a few minutes ago. You can take a look at the new trailer of the tv series, DC, has been renewed for a second season...

Titans convinces and has been renewed for a second season

If you thought that the appearance of the Titans would kill the tv series in the arrival in Italy, thanks to Netflix... well, it seems that you will have to think again. First impressions of the fans present at the première of the show at the New York Comic-con seem to be all positive and, during the...