David Harbour

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David Harbour from her phone number on social

Photo via the web David Harbour has decided to connect with fans all over the world who are currently being blocked in the house to combat the spread of coronavirus. To do this, the actor has shared on the social her real telephone number with the hope of helping them to overcome the most difficult...

David Harbour, Lily Allen's debut as a couple on social

Photo via the web After the paparazzi of the past few weeks, David Harbour, and Lily Allen have decided to make it finally official the their lovestory also on the social. The protagonist of “Stranger Things” and the English singer is, in fact, are granted a day of Disney's Magic Kingdom and take a picture...


David Harbour and Lily Allen are a pair!

Photo via the web The rumor is that chase each other now for a couple of months, but until now, David Harbour, Lily Allen had never confirmed their relationship. They did this in an indirect way on Sunday when you are left with paparazzi in New York during an output torque rather “warm”. Both in casual...