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Listen tv 5 June 2019: Seat Music Awards hits Live-this is Not the d'urso?

Back our appointment with the analysis of the data auditel for the programs broadcast in the early evening. We start by listening to the June 5, 2019: a challenge unprecedented that of Wednesday, which sees players Live-it is Not the d'urso, at its eleventh episode, and Seat Music Awards in 2019. Carlo...

Listen to may 24, 2019: the challenge of unprecedented Dancing with the stars and Hello Darwin, who wins?

Great expectation this morning, for the data auditel related to the tv viewers of the may 24, 2019. A challenge unprecedented in the Friday evening, a challenge which has seen fight the Dancing with the stars 2019 and Hello to Darwin 8. On the one hand the program of the Saturday evening on Rai 1 hosted...