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Meghan truman gates in ‘danger of life’: the wife of Prince Harry escorted away, that's why

Moments of fear for Meghan truman gates pregnant with Prince Harry Fear for the Princess, Meghan truman gates, wife of Prince Harry of England, who is awaiting a baby. The Duchess of Sussex was forced to interrupt his visit to the covered market of Suva, in the Fiji islands. For what reason? According...

Luino, “By the end of July via Moncucco and via Cervinia in the dark. Dangerous in the night hours”

“Three weeks ago about the road from piazza Tolini via Lugano, then across via Moncucco and via Cervinia, in the nocturnal hours, is not illuminated. I have written to all the municipal offices and no one has ever responded. Only on Thursday, a very kind lady in the Registry Office it is turned on, the...

Luino, Taldone: “Too many accidents, excessive speed is a real risk to the citizens”

It is a complaint that that comes today from the provincial councilor and the parent company of “The Big Miss”, Giuseppe Taldone, which highlights the too many accidents that are happening these weeks in our area. “Excessive speed is a serious risk, which is fundamental to invest on security”. Luino,...