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Nadia Toffa insulted by Filippo Facci: ‘Pseudo-journalist, distressing that speculates...’

Nadia Toffa, the popular tv presenter and sent de ‘reservoir dogs’ criticised by the journalist, make Us Nadia Toffa returned to be talked about for a post that has posted on profile Instagram. In particular, the presenter of ‘The Hyenas’, he anticipated on your social the release of his book ‘Flourish...


Antonella, e. masetti, and the sexy shot with Berlusconi. The fans ‘But are not you ashamed?’ PHOTOS

A few hours ago Antonella, e. masetti has posted a picture on his profile on Instagram in which the pose next to the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. One shot that resulted in a series of reactions disproportionate on the part of some hackers. The showgirl roman, from many years on the...

Aida Nizar criticised again by Rita From the Church: behold the words of the presenter

The former gieffina Aida Nizar, has been criticized for the umpteenth time by the host of the television series the Italian Rita From the Church, which some days ago has expressed her disappointment with the actions of the Spanish. A former competitor of the undisputed of the fifteenth edition of “Big...