Cristiana capotondi

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Cristiana Capotondi in Come from me, it makes me move the chest of drawers then he does become short of breath of Caterina Balivo (Photos)

All crazy for Christian Capotondi a guest today to Come to me, beautiful with almost no makeup, we'll see tonight in the television series that will start on Rai 1, in the meantime, Caterina Balivo has done to move your furniture (photo). After the presentation of the actress a short commercial break...

Andrea Pieces to Come from me, from the story with Claudia Pandolfi love for Christian Capotondi (Photos)

It's been a quite a few years by the love story between Andrea and the Pieces, and Claudia Pandolfi and today to Come from me Caterina Balivo could not remember that moment (photos). In spite of Pieces is 10 years and the companion of Christian Capotondi's the old story always comes back to the chatter....


Cristiana Capotondi is about suspected to the restaurant with Andrea Pezzi (Photos)

Cristiana Capotondi is pregnant or has eaten too much? The actress between the pages of the magazine Again shows a little belly, more than suspicion, but of course neither she nor Andrea Pezzi will say nothing about it; I'm very reserved and continue to do so (photo). The paparazzi caught them on the...