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Belen Rodriguez is a declaration of love, a romantic at his Stefano's (VIDEO)

It has been almost ten years since for the first time, Belen Rodriguez understood he was to have been madly in love with Stefano de Martino. A love story that has made the dream but also all the people who have never stopped cheering for this love despite the years of separation, the new love of her...

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini: “Today we were supposed to marry,” but there is already the new date of the marriage (Photos)

A bride and groom Lego announced that today was the date of marriage choice by Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini; it is funny and tender in the photos shared by the couple. Their post today are not only full of love but also of hope. Giorgia Palmas and Magnini had prepared their wedding in detail, just...

The reaction of Francesca Touches to the words of Valentin, the silence of Raimondo Todaro

They have sparked an uproar in the words of Valentin yesterday on the social. The ex-dancer Friends, 19, kicked in a bad way from the school by Maria de Filippi, tired of his drunkenness yesterday, while was aired the semi-finals of the Friends, has found a way to carry on his profile Instagram” attention....