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The honeymoon photo of Simona Ventura and the gift of John Third-party (Photos)

A honeymoon in advance to Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi, but in reality is their way to announce the wedding (photos). The magazine Now devotes a cover to the couple and within the interview with the respective declarations of love, what each found in the other up to reach to the desire to marry...


Tina Cipollati by New comments on the history of Kikò and Amber: still digs?

What they are doing is talk about Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo these days? Most of the time the two ex-gieffini have had the opportunity to talk about the controversy according to which Amber Lombardo cheated on her boyfriend Kikò Homes for Gaetano Arena, also former Big Brother contestant. Between...

Eleonora Rocchini accuses Oscar Branzani of physical and psychological violence: three years from the nightmare of the former suitors of Men and Women

Seemed to be one of the couples more united and more in love. They seemed to perhaps have been for a short time, views those that are, today, the statements of strong Eleonora Rocchini. The love between her and Oscar Branzani as we all knew it was finished for some time, but there's a whole other story...