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Alfonso Signorini and Barbara D'urso dinner together, the friendship is back stronger than before (Photos)

It is the magazine who Alfonso Signorini wanted to announce to everyone that Barbara D'urso is again a dear friend of hers, who, after a dinner at his house not remember even more the reason why you were away (photo). We have put quite a bit of time before interrupting the silence that had fallen between...


Asia Argento and Andrea Preti paparazzati together: that kiss speaks of love? (Photo)

A few weeks ago there was talk of a likely love story between Asia Argento and Andrea Preti, a report quickly denied by the former Claudia Gerini, but the magazine Who back to the office with pictures of the most tender (photo). Tender love or tender friendship? If the Priests assured them that there...

Belen and Stefano De Martino, the villa in the Maldives more than a thousand euros per night: it is truly a dream vacation (Photos)

Nothing could make you happier so Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, the joy to the stars, even if for a few days will be without the little Santiago, but they are just in the Maldives in a resort of the luxury (photos). It is not new to the couple to spend a dream holiday, but this exceeds them...