Couples broke out

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Kylie Jenner: “Me and Travis, we were in a good relationship”

Photo via the web Though unexpected, the news of the break-up between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has done immediately around the web, becoming the real catchphrase of this week. Equally fast was the escape of the news about a possible rapprochement between the entrepreneur and his longtime companion...


Kylie and Travis: that's why you are left

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kylie Jenner After the news of the end of the lovestory between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, the machine of the gossip is put immediately in motion to try to understand the reasons that lie behind this unexpected break. In the last few hours has been People to provide a first answer...

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter are left

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kaitlynn Carter Love the terminus for Miley Cyrus, and Kaitlynn Carter, who, after burning the gossip of the end of the summer with their overwhelming passion, you are officially leave. The news came during the weekend, just before the ex-mrs. Hemsworth to perform on the stage of...