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Sewage in the lake to Luino, “System clogged by rags and other materials obstructing”

The spill readily detected at the Port Lido was solved today by the technicians of the Municipality of Luino, which pointed out that a spillway – a system that eases the flow of the sewer in case of heavy rain on sections of sewer mixed like the one on via Sant'onofrio – it was clogged with rags [...]The...

The region of Lombardy, the online help for the distribution of natural gas to the municipalities

Is online, on the website of the Lombardy Region, the 3rd edition of the practical Guide Atem gas, addressed to the communes of lombardy to assist in the process of adjusting the national legislation on the distribution of natural gas. The sector is fully regulated by the State, which confers exclusive...


Germignaga, on Friday, a course on home composting. For the participants -20% on the TARI

The organic waste (the so-called “wet”) are part of our garbage that more easily back in the cycle of nature. For this reason, the municipality of Germignaga organizes a course for home composting, which will be held on Friday, may 12 to 21 at the headquarters of the association “The Campaign”, in via...