Costanza caracciolo

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The marriage of Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri, yes, with his daughter Stella in his arms (Photos)

Costanza Caracciolo and Bobo Vieri will marry, the magazine Ofmore leaves no doubt, showing the publications of marriage (photos). The moment of yes seems to be coming more quickly than expected, we imagine that the wedding of Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo will be celebrated later this summer. The...


Accident Costanza Caracciolo, a fall and thanks all for the messages (Photos)

On Instagram, the photo posted by Costanza Caracciolo after the accident, a bad fall, nothing serious but is confident that it is done badly (photo). So sweet and beautiful mommy showed off her moment of discomfort because it is the fall from the sidewalk, and it is now stuck at home with the ice packs....

The video of the daughter of Elisabetta Canalis at the home of Bobo Vieri and Costanza Caracciolo (Photos and Video)

You are loved so much Elisabetta Canalis and Bobo Vieri but it is a love of so many years ago, and today, it is great to see the video of Skyler, the daughter of Elisabetta Canalis at the home of Costanza Caracciolo and the former football player (Photos): Elisabetta Canalis and her daughter Skyler brought...