Costanza caracciolo

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Costanza Caracciolo leaves the hospital and returns home with his baby girl (Photos)

Costanza Caracciolo after the birth of Isabel returns home, he leaves the hospital, of course with the help of Bobo Vieri and no shortage of photos for the magazine Who. Among the many bad news in this period, the most beautiful concern the birth, the baby that make for a happy mom and dad and give hope....


Costanza Caracciolo with her bump is not more color, and compare the two pregnancies (Photos)

Costanza Caracciolo with her bump now in the last stages of her pregnancy is always beautiful and happy, but it is not the same joy that he had inside when you waited for the Star (photos). She and Bobo Vieri may not have the same serenity because he has no one in this dramatic period. The former tissue...

Costanza Caracciolo with her bump in the most True: it is already in the sixth month of pregnancy (Photo)

Costanza Caracciolo is pregnant, and the confirmation of True; the advances of the program, Silvia University broadcast tomorrow afternoon, also show the beautiful belly of the wife of Bobo Vieri (photo). The Caracciolo, in fact, is already in her sixth month of pregnancy and was pregnant of the second...