Costanza caracciolo

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Bobo Vieri e Costanza Caracciolo reveal the night in which you are in love (Photo)

Bobo Vieri e Costanza Caracciolo already knew each other 10 years, but it all happened in one evening, was in Rome during a romantic night tour to the Capital that Constance knew the real Bobo discovering a wonderful man (photo). Today they are husband and wife and have two beautiful little girls, Stella...


Costanza Caracciolo gives strength to all expectant mothers, to True his message (Photo)

For a week, Costanza Caracciolo is now the mother of Isabel, a mother for the second time, and a period in which it is not simple to deal with childbirth as well as much more. Constance was now a waiting guest to "True" in a special episode, a different one more than the other from the other. The program,...

Costanza Caracciolo with her bump in the most True: it is already in the sixth month of pregnancy (Photo)

Costanza Caracciolo is pregnant, and the confirmation of True; the advances of the program, Silvia University broadcast tomorrow afternoon, also show the beautiful belly of the wife of Bobo Vieri (photo). The Caracciolo, in fact, is already in her sixth month of pregnancy and was pregnant of the second...