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When the cosplay Warhammer 40k is damage to the stained-glass... is a show!

Stained glass windows and lots of imagination! Here is the winning recipe used in these fantastic (and fanciful) cosplay of the inquisition of Warhammer 40000 Ok, the more picky among you puntualizzeranno on the fact that it is not the characters of the canon of Warhammer 40000, but it's only cosplay...

The Cosplay of Mercy of Overwatch perfect?

Here is a Cosplay of Mercy that deserves your attention, made by the cosplayer Polish Shappi After the overdose of the Cosplay is made at Lucca Comics & Games this year (have you seen our cosplay music videos?), we stop our fasting, self-imposed with a cosplay of Mercy of Overwatch to scream.The cosplayers...