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Vincenzo Mollica has Parkinson's and has lost his sight but nothing can stop him, the great example of life

The shaking hands, the view that has abandoned him, but Vincenzo Mollica ride with lightness of its problems, which for many would be a source of depression. For him, that always has an adjective to say of the artists mentioned that are superb, there is no time and way to let go. Vincenzo Mollica know...


Sonia Bruganelli, the people are jealous but doesn't know that the private jet he pays her (Photos)

In the interview to Corriere della Sera Sonia Bruganelli takes off a few pebbles from the shoe, and attacking all those who criticize constantly, and explains why people are jealous and do not accept his luxury, his fortune (Photo). The wife of Paul Bonolis with great satisfaction explains once again...

On Wednesday, Angelo Panebianco at Insubria to talk about changes and conflicts in our time

Angelo Panebianco will be at the University of Insubria Wednesday, April 18. The distinguished columnist for “Corriere della Sera” will take part in a seminar on the theme “The contemporary era: change and conflict”, in program to the hours 15, in classroom 1 of the Pavilion Seppilli, Via Ottorino Rossi,...