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The Legacy, Flavio Insinna and the Rai inguaiati: shout to the conspiracy

The game show of Rai Uno and the conductor at the center of the controversy social: here's the reason, Nothing to do, once again, to The Legacy, something strange happened that has made you to suspect web users. In the game show of the early evening on Rai Uno, conducted by Flavio Insinna cry is still...


Apple removes the sites plotters from the tips of Siri

A new report published by BuzzFeed News shows like the new feature, “web Sites suggested by Siri” this in Safari to avoid showing fake news, news conspiracy, and video shock. With this choice, Apple wants to avoid that the new Safari, both iOS and on macOS, go to suggest content sites of low quality....

The island of the Famous, all against Francesca Cipriani: the “plot” revealed by Franco

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThe “non-vip” Franco has revealed surprising: no one on the island wanted Francesca Cipriani. Here were his words, Francesca Cipriani knows how to be the center of attention. His beauty and his sympathy to allow you to conquer lots of people, but it was not so on the Island...