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Kim Cattrall Sarah Jessica Parker: “I don't need your love”

Photo via the webEven the sadness due to the death of his younger brother Chirs was able to calm the storm that was unleashed over the last few months between Kim Cattrall and her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.The Samantha Jones of “Sex and The City” has decided to send back to the sender of the condolences...


Even the League North of Luino joins in the mourning for the death of Joseph Serra

Also the local section of Lega Nord with the deputy mayor Alessandro Casali, chairman of the council, David Cataldo, and the parent company, Antonio Palmieri, join in the sympathy expressed in the morning by the mayor of Luino, Andrea Pellicini, after the death of Joseph Serra, took place yesterday evening....

Accident Brissago: Joseph didn't make it, the mourning of the town of Luino

After a week from the accident of Brissago Valtravaglia, which involved Giuseppe Serra and his wife, Giovanna, Ballinari, municipal councillor of Luino, came the sad news. Joseph didn't make it and died in the late evening of yesterday. Heard the condolences from the mayor Andrea Pellicini, in the name...