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Cavona, this evening the concert in the square of the Philharmonic Cuviese

It was postponed to 21 hours this evening, Friday, July 5, the musical event scheduled to Cavona in the company of the Philharmonic Cuviese, the complex direct from Pieremilio Tenconi. The event, inserted in the traditional summer festival of concerts, scheduled for yesterday, was cancelled due to bad...

The choir " Città di Luino Saturday in Lugano: concert in the Church of Beata Vergine Immacolata

The choir " Città di Luino will be in concert for the evening of Saturday, June 23, at the Church of the Blessed Virgin Immaculate of Lugano. A special event for the group, especially for the program that provides for the performance of the Sacred Chants and the collaboration with the women's choir Thelys...

Friday at the Auditorium of Maccagno an evening of great music with Massimo Priviero

A music event is what awaits Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca on the evening of Friday 1 June, in which there will be the concert of Massimo Priviero. To host the live concert sound, which will start at 21 hours, and for which the entrance will be free, will be the municipal Auditorium, in via Pietro...