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Bad weather, damage in Ticino: it collapses the roof of a firm, triggered the evacuation

Today, shortly before 17.30, at a company active in the production of floor coverings via industry Giubiasco, in the territory of Bellinzona, which has collapsed part of the roof (according to a first assessment, about 40 square meters). Notify the cantonal Police. Some of the sheet metal of the coating...

A project for the safe sport school age, this is also the Centre Massarenti

Companies and Coni Lombardia, section of Varese, it falls back in the Field next to the town of Caravate for an event offered by the FC Caravate and from the Clinical Center Massarenti srl. “Guidelines for safe sport at school age”, this is the theme of the event on Friday the 12th of October, starting...