Come to me

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Cristiana Capotondi in Come from me, it makes me move the chest of drawers then he does become short of breath of Caterina Balivo (Photos)

All crazy for Christian Capotondi a guest today to Come to me, beautiful with almost no makeup, we'll see tonight in the television series that will start on Rai 1, in the meantime, Caterina Balivo has done to move your furniture (photo). After the presentation of the actress a short commercial break...

Luca Onestini, the declaration of love for Ivana Mrazova to Come to me: you married? (Photo)

No crisis for Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova and the former gieffino it seems to have found to Come to me the way to disprove once and for all these entries. A romantic declaration of love, live on Rai 1 with a bouquet of red roses, photos of the couple and then the “Yes” of the beautiful model. Luca...


Bruno Vespa to Come from me responding to the son who is not at fault work

Bruno Vepsa dreams of becoming a grandfather, as told today to Come to me, but his children, at the moment it seems not to want to learn to become a father. The eldest son Frederick had already been a guest of Caterina Balivo in a recent episode and also in that occasion we talked about parents and children,...