Come to me

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Alessandra Mussolini weeps for the father, to Come to me on the betrayal, one that has not ever metabolized (Photos)

At the age of Alessandra Mussolini certain trauma should be overcome, but to Come to me, sincere as always, he pulled out the tears when speaking of the father, looking at pictures of an old Sunday (photo). He loved his father, but has never exceeded that he had another family and another daughter over...


And’ still in love with Serena Rutelli who Come to me can't pretend (Photos)

Serena Rutelli is not able to lie, and to Come to me confesses that he is still in love with Prince Zorresi, her ex-boyfriend, the 21-year-old with whom he was ready to live and create a family (photos). And’ Valentine's day his ad appeared on the social, the words with which to officially announce that...

In the extended family of Jasmine Carrisi the brothers and sisters who prefer to, reveals to the ear of the Governor (Photo)

Moments of embarrassment today for Jasmine Carrisi when in the studio to Come to me has revealed which of his brothers was his favorite (photos). The question of Caterina Balivo she thrilled and very courteous said not wanting to answer, but he preferred to trust the name to the ear of the presenter....