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Lombardy, “In the Commission's Territory, hearing about the overpass, to protect the safety of citizens”

The president of the regional commission for Land and Infrastructure, Angelo Palumbo, the leader of Forza Italia in the region, Gianluca Comazzi, and the director Gabriele Barucco have expressed, in a joint statement, their intention to “monitor the condition of our infrastructure, protecting every possible...

The tragedy in Genoa, collapses a bridge on the A10. The victims go up to 35, and about a dozen missing

Terror in Genoa for the collapse of the Bridge and to the Morandi viaduct to a height of almost 50 metres on the motorway A10 that crosses the Val Polcevera, perhaps caused by the violent storm that hit the city this morning. Terrible images published on Twitter by the users and the live video of SkyTg24....

Collapsed on the road between Cremenaga and Biviglione. You count the damage in Germignaga

It makes the counting of damage on the territory of the Alto Varesotto, especially in Cremenaga, which seems to be the country most affected by the wave of bad weather and hail which fell in the late afternoon yesterday. If on the road the situation is back to normal, with ice only present on the side...