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How to prevent chilblains on the hands: the tricks

Who suffers from the cold to spend usually the winter annoying, in particular, for the chilblains on the hands. To have this kind of problems, knows that, with the most frigid temperatures, must face difficult moments. It is not always sufficient to use gloves, and heavy clothes. Do not be afraid, because...


Cold children, the advice to combat it effectively

How to fight the cold, beautiful children? Autumn and winter are the times when the children tend to get sick more easily. It is different viruses that can also lead to other symptoms, in addition to the cold. What you can do is to ensure that the child, especially if small, try the least possible discomfort....

Cold, all the methods for countering it effectively

The cold has already knocked out a lot of the italians. The lowering of the temperature has not spared anyone, and so here appear the typical symptoms of the common cold. We are talking about the inflammation of the membranes of the synod, the obstruction of the respiratory tract, cough, sore throat,...