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Belen Rodriguez defends himself, but is the controversy about ‘red pepper’

Feed Released from KontroKulturaOf these time the Calabria port really well to Belen Rodriguez. Just to clarify, with his version of the facts, the sensational news of gossip revealed in the last hours on the decision of the pilot that has downloaded the showgirl and his teammate Andrea Iannone at the...

Cigarettes, the hard line of the Codacons: asked smoking ban on all beaches in italy

Continue the hard line against the smoking of Italy, for which in addition to the risk of hefty fines if they throw the butts on the sand (read: “cigarette Butts on the beach, face fines of up to 300 euro”), we can discern a real smoking ban while you are at sea. Cigarettes, the hard line of the Codacons:...