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Deck the Miner, the Cemetery and the Woodsman, for Arena 8, Arena 9

Welcome to the new article of deck interesting to clash royale! Today I will present you a deck very innovative with the Miner that many of you probably already know. The deck in question makes use of three legendary chief among which, of course, there is the Miner on the Cemetery and the Woodmen.


The new Balance Cards 12/6: Witch of the Night, the Tornado, the Trunk, the Gang of Goblins is among the most renowned

As usual, Supercell will balance the cards that have taken on a power that is too high or upgrade the ones less used. Among the papers cited in this balance there are certainly famous and that they did discuss, and not a little.

Deck Witch of the Night, Clone, Mirror, for Arena 8, Arena 9 Arena 10 Arena 11

We have struggled with this deck, and we were astonished by how he managed to win with a 3-to-1, greatly underestimated, and here's the result! We will explain how to take advantage of one of the cards are less widely used, Cloning, in combination with Witch's Night to win in Arena 8 Arena 9 Arena 10...