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The Local police “of the Monte Orsa”, a call for applications for the recruitment of a new agent

The service associated with the Local Police in “Mountain Bear”, which covers the territories of the municipalities of Viggiù, Saltrio and Clivio, has made available a contract aimed at the recruitment of an agent for a specific time/seasonal, full or partial. The professional figure of reference, as...

Begun the digital transition in the municipalities of Mesenzana, Brissago and Montegrino

The path towards full digital transition in the various Municipalities of the provinces of Varese. The operation is conducted by the Italian society RDS, and has been operating for fifteen years in the field of services and training for the PA, which has started in different towns of lombardy a new consulting...


Clivio, to the discovery of the avifauna of the territory with the “basic Birding”

The biodiversity is certainly one of the assets that the territories of the High Place can give. The province of Varese, in fact, consists of a variety of different environments, home to a rich avifauna. And it is precisely to allow you to know more about the bird species that live in our territory and...