Cinematic Universe Marvel

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Do you want to do a marathon of the whole Cinematic Universe Marvel? We tell you how much time you need

The Cinematic Universe Marvel has just celebrated its first 10 years of the onset on the big screen with Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. and, after 20 movies, waits for Avengers 4 to close the phase 3 of the MCU. Here are how long does it take to watch all productions of the Cinematic Universe Marvel In many,...

The Cinematic Universe Marvel is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a video

In 2008, the arrogant but sympathetic exaggeration of Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark gave away, with its fantastic Iron Man, the adventure the official of the House of Ideas on the big screen. Here's the official video of the Marvel Studios, which is celebrating 10 years of the Film Universe Marvel...


Captain Marvel will lead the entire MCU after Iron Man and Cap

The rumors and the rumor of the past few days, who spoke of the new “juicy” about Captain Marvel coming up in the course of the CineEurope in Barcelona, have been confirmed because the insiders were able to watch the first footage of the film that Marvel has revealed, of course, behind closed doors,...