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Captain Marvel: Brie Larson reveals a poster exclusive to Comic-con Experience

Brie Larson, via your profile Instagram has unveiled a poster exclusive Captain Marvel on the occasion of the Comic con Experience in são Paulo, Brazil. Brie Larson, on the occasion of the Comic-con Experience, which is spread online a new poster for Captain Marvel you Can see it here below accompanied...


Shrike: we discover the villain of the Machines and Deadly thanks to a new featurette for the film

The early reviews of Machines the Mortals have not been very positive, with the film produced by Peter Jackson, taking advantage of the surprise us, given that the first 25 minutes seen in that of Lucca at the beginning of last month, we were impressed. Peter Jackson, in a new featurette of the Machines...

Plastic Man: the new movie from Warner Bros

Another hero from DC Comics, will join soon to the ranks of the superheroes of the cinecomic signed by Warner Bros. I'm talking about Plastic Man, the historical figure born in the bosom of Quality Comics, and then moved in-house DC in the ’50s, with a career that led him to be part of the Justice League....