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Star Trek Into Darkness: the director of " the Wrath of Khan against the film, J. J. Abrams

Star Trek Into Darkness, the second chapter of the new saga of Star Trek, is without a doubt deeply inspired by Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan. The film that Abrams owes much to the film, Nicholas Meyer, honored with The wrath of Khan with a few quotes. But as it has taken the director of these freebies?...


Hellboy: the reboot shows a new image with David Harbour

Despite the first test screening seem to have been anything but positive, the reboot of Hellboy continues his run towards the exit in movie theaters around the world; as evidenced by the new image from the film and published by Empire in these hours. David Harbour is once again the protagonist of the...

Venom may not appeal to all but is officially a success

Venom is officially the fifth-highest takings at the box office this 2018. Venom, the film by Sony Pictures starring Tom Hardy, is a real success. The five best movies at the box office this year, this Is the result that now is the cinecomic directed by Ruben Fleischer starring Tom Hardy, a film that...