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Recipes Benedetta Rossi for Christmas: muffins sapling

And’ that aired yesterday the first episode of homemade for you Christmas special and from the kitchen, Benedetta Rossi got delicious recipes, really not to be missed. Today we suggest you the recipe of the muffins in the shape of a tree of Christmas, not to be missed. And we remind you that other recipes...


The books to read at Christmas for those who love the holidays and snuggle up literary

Rain, lights of the Christmas tree, cold...How to say? Of course, with the reading! And today, we have decided to give you recommendations for books to read over Christmas. The most beautiful books that light up our good mood, and if we love this time of year, we can certainly not do less than read these...

The Christmas tv, what we see on Channel 5 in the festivities? The programming

With December 8th, the Christmas holidays are approaching, and you will always hear more of the christmas atmosphere in the air. And also the schedule, or better the various the schedule of the tv networks will change. Today we will talk about what is going to be aired on Channel 5 in the month of December....