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Chocolate sweets glass

In front of a sweet wonderful you will be amazed, mouth open, you can stop and admire the precision, the attention to detail, the harmony of the colors, the shapes, the layers, the care with which are assembled the various cakes, cream puffs on the cake, a macaron on a puff pastry, some cakes are so...

Curiosity about the chocolate egg

A few days at Easter, have you ever wondered when was the Easter egg? In the first place, it must be said that the egg in general is considered a symbol of rebirth, of new life, a fundamental aspect of the catholic Easter, for centuries in fact, there is the tradition during the easter period to give...

Ice-cream and Toblerone

The news at the moment seems to involve only the English market but it is not said that sooner or later we will see not appear even in Italy the ice cream to the taste of the famous swiss chocolate, produced by the american company Mondelez.A few weeks ago was launched, news of the ice cream, Kinder...