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Children between 3 and 5 years forced to stay in the knee and taken to the hair: are teachers in handcuffs

A situation from the skin of the goose. Children of 3 years old, in a nursery school, forced by the teachers to be on their knees, and to suffer mistreatment of any kind. Arrested the teachers, The children of a nursery school should be treating with more care and attention. And instead, in a school...


Luino, the streets and the Park Ferrini stain's Carnival and children. Here are the photos

Little butterflies, ladybugs, superheroes, fairies and other times, ladies and knights. Yesterday, the Park Ferrini of Luino, thanks to the creativity and talent of the participants, despite the clouds and the temperature is not optimal, it is transformed, welcoming hundreds of children who are not wanted...

The bike path and the shore of the Margorabbia come clean thanks to the “SOS Territory”, children and parents

A beautiful sunny day accompanied yesterday, close to the bicycle track between Luino Germignaga, the many children and families who have wanted to participate in the green day organised by Simona Piga and Daniel Emaldi, that for weeks, now, are committed on the whole territory of luino area to cleanse...