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Alfonso Signorini, without shame: ‘I the children of Lorella Cuccarini’, broke out the scandal

The director of Who sputtanato to Strip the news last night after the TG% of 20 is to be aired as always, a new episode of Striscia la notizia, the satirical news program by Antonio Ricci. During the evening the two conductors Enzo Iacchetti Ezio Greggio did see a service regarding the director [...]The...

Luino, in the school cafeteria: only 3.3% of the students made a request for the “lunch from home”

Continue to keep your tour in Luino, now two months, the issue of the school canteen and the opportunity to bring the pupils to the “schiscetta-from-home”, after the opening of the school management, Raffaela Menditto, today will see the construction of other small details to be resolved. The great debate...

The elementary school of Creva, the small students who have a heart for nature

Yesterday, Wednesday, November 21, was the “Festival of Trees”, one of the oldest celebrations in Italy for the promotion of the respect of nature and the protection of the environment, which dates back to 1898. Many institutions, throughout the national territory, which they wanted to engage the children...