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Forced quarantine: online games with the kids, between chores and lessons

How can we keep engaging our children in these days of forced quarantine? There are several online games that can come back to help in this hard period that Italy is going through because of the spread of Coronavirus. It has been asked in a loud voice, to the whole population, to stay at home. Many parents...


Children and cough in the winter, here's how to cure it

In children the cough is a problem which is quite frequent. How to cure it, especially in the winter time? Obviously depends on the type of cough, from his intensity, from the reasons that trigger. When you notice that your child has a cough, the first step is to feel the pediatrician who has it in care,...

Easter poems for children the most beautiful to learn

Easter 2019, which are the poems for children the most beautiful to learn? On the occasion of this festival, the children learn of the beautiful poems to recite in front of the relatives, and often they are also able to receive a small gift in exchange. To learn poetry is a good practice to train memory...